Golden Potatoes and Other Daydreams

In the year 1979 I was a little bit interested in acting. Maybe the magical world of theater would be the home for my restless soul? But I had heard that it`s almost impossible to get in the theater school. So I decided to innovate something else. Anyway, I had already started my investigation with visual arts, drawing, painting and so on...

The problem was money. If I fortunately found myself making a painting (rich by colors of real life), I, at the same time, was reminded by...well, real life. I was forced to search some financially reasonable job to do. One very promising career was that with potatoes. Potatoes had been the solution for the problems of my fathers business struggle some years before and maybe because of that I instinctively sharped my eye to potatoes. Back to the roots!

But so stony are the fields of Finland and so tiny are the potatoes of cold earth that it soon turned out to not to be the way to the promised land. There has to be something else! Of course! How blind I was! The answer for all economical hopelessness is The Forest! Maybe because I was living in the middle of the forest I could not see the trees as my employer. One friend of mine had a moped and so we jumped on it and drove to a farm near by Lake Tuusulanjärvi. As a fact the farm was the very same that owned the potato field and just because autumn begun turn to winter, the boss ordered us to make some augmentation with sapling.


Sometimes it´s not so easy to keep alive your dreams. But if those visions are from the bottom of your heart, you and your dreams will survive. Little by little the dreams will ripen and they will get the best possible forms for you. You only have to be a good gardener, no matter how the conditions are like.