Surprising Situations!



I was investigating my secret archives of the 80´s but I found this file. It´s from the year 1991. Let´s take a look!

Before I founded The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs Finland, I had a possibility to make some shows for Finnish Yle TV1. The great artist, mr. Erkki Pirtola was invited to take part in the program. I had collaborated with Erkki from the year 1984. Erkki trusted me as an artist, even though I now and then was, well...let´s say, cranky.

Erkki wanted me to be his partner in the shows. And it was OK for the lady of the evenings. Thank you Mrs. Riitta Granath. Without Erkki and Riitta it would never be possible for me to chat a little bit with the Minister of Culture Tytti Isohookana-Asunmaa. It was such a long way from the forests to the offices of Finnish Government.

I borrowed the costume, (by the way, is that some kind of a smoking?) Anyway, it made me look like a new man, but I did not forget the reality of all friends of mine. In the pocket of my jacket, (Is that a jacket?) I had a piece of paper with questions and suggestions. I red the letter to the Minister of Culture but unfortunately we hadn´t time enough to solve the problems and at the end we just danced with the comp of my song.

The story of the song is about a man who wants to buy a lottery ticket. He imagines if he won a car, the main prize! 

In the hall of the railway station he finds the seller of the lottery tickets. The man is sitting in an old car full of dents. The poor hero of our song runs to the salesman with his dreams and hopes. But he finds the salesman dead. 

He had no huge dreams, well...the car, but even a beautiful pen or an ordinary hair comb were enough for him. Even something? But no prize at all...not today, not today.

The only he could do is to wish a happy journey to the salesman, who already was travelling on the gilded roads of heaven.