The Beginning of Times

A Mussel and the Pike.

This picture from the 1990s may be describable for telling about the start of my personal art history. Even though it´s not my first piece of art it includes the basic ideas for my later work. Art is a tool for understanding or resisting the fact I don´t understand. It´s possible to make a picture to catch even something... 

I want to dive deeper! Where and when the Big Bang of my personal art history happened? I do have one special flashback about a bird, a huge, black cock with flaming comb. I was looking out of window and down on the yard there was a horse and carriage. And the cock was standing beside it and the bird was much bigger than the horse! A dream? Reality? Art? In every case: it is a picture. I was a couple of years old. 

Deeper and deeper! "I have a wish to sing of time before the beginning..."

Well, let´s be satisfied for this watercolor from the 1950s.


My Mother as an Indian.