The Call of The Soul

Some memories from the past. I was crazy. Or maybe I was just childish. In every case at the age of eighteen I was lost. Like the life would hit my head with a mallet! 

In the 1970s I was in the Finnish Navy. We were sailing on the Baltic Sea with the  corvette "Karjala". One day one of the officers ordered me to come on the bridge. On the both sides of the ship there were hanging provincial coat of arms of Karelia. Those signs of the ship were totally corroded by salty water. "Seaman Kainulainen, I have heard you are an artist. Loose the coat of arms and make them great again! Here is the paint and the brushes! What else you need?!" 

"Nothing else, sir!"

So, there I was painting on the sunny deck of the boat in the middle of the Baltic Sea! Not bad, but how did they knew! An artist? Me?

Well, I had just been in a short vacation at home and my girlfriend, (later my wife and my ex-wife and the mother of our children) bought oil colors and all kinds of equipment, gave them to me and said: "Now boy, you have better to start to make art!"

So I did. At first I painted a picture about a white haired warrior with a red fluttering cloak. The star warrior gazed the viewer of the painting from the darkness of the universe. The second piece of art by me was more realistic: little flowers and some hay between stones.


So it happened, I started to paint during my army vacation. Still I wonder how did the Finnish Navy knew what has happened to me during the vacation? Who told them? Some kind of a cabal maybe?! Or somebody was calling me from the future? Who knows!