The History of My Artistic Work

Hi everybody,

I started my e-commerce in the autumn 2017. During this short time I´ve been shipping my books and other artworks to Italy, Russia, United States, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Republic of Serbia, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic...Thank you very much!

So, for my great pleasure I have got orders from different parts of world, but something else happened too. Many e-mails and messages have been sent when chatting about some technical details, meaning of some pictures, the background of heavy metal lyrics and so on. I have been answering to questions about the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The connection between Kalevala and my artistic work has also been in focus.

Today as renewing my online shop I think it would be an auspicious day to start a blog for telling the story behind my work as an artist. You know, sometimes you have to face something which is almost too difficult. At this very moment I have that kind of a feeling. My English is not quite correct. But fortunately I have a lot of pictures! All kinds of pictures! By my memories, dreams, texts, drawings, paintings, sculptures and videos I´m going to tell the total history of my art. Wow! It´s going to be a looong story just because of the fact that before my art there is influencing much more longer story, the art history of mankind! Somewhere there in ancient world have also the tales of Kalevala been created. 

So, let´s take the first step!

It was a dark and stormy night...