What to do with my life?

"Upon my birth/Came close to death"

But I survived. Very soon I found myself wrestling with bears and a bit later with beers too. The childhood was finishing and like everybody at that age I had to face my future. What to do with my life? I had some ideas to become a doctor. Then I found to be a pilot. How about gold digger? As a border guard I had excellent circumstance for skiing and fishing! Human soul is important, what happens to us after passing away? I want to be a priest!

Well, I was not yet ready. And I really had a big problem with that idea: which religion could be for me?

Now it turned to be serious! Until the sun of my life rose up, or was it a firestorm? In every case, I decided to be an artist. 

"Self-portrait from the year 1978."

I went to the library of my hometown and browsed art books with a great admiration of the masters of art. I started to draw sketches in restaurants but wrestling with beers took so much time that my drawing developed so slowly, so slowly...I also was trying to study oil painting, I was interested in light but the shadows too.

"A friend of mine playing some sort of a kantele."

"Flowers" from the early 1980s.

Little by little I managed to make some pictures but still there was that big question: what is art? I mean: real art for me? My art?

At the beginning of the 80s I got a possibility to travel to southern Europe with my friends. Through France and Louvre Museum we ended up Spain. I had no problems with beer but wrestling with wine was almost fatal for me. After some difficulties I found my self gazing a huge painting on the wall of Prado Museum in Madrid. 

Drafts from the series "It´s not so easy to get Centre Pompidou".

But finally: Madrid!

 "The Third of May 1808" by Francisco Goya.

This was my first lesson of Art.